Read Our Lips: What Does Your Lip Print Say About You?

You realize that feeling when you’re shaking an amazing red lip and totally killing your work meeting? Or then again when you’re feeling very sure and cleaned in your #1 pinky naked? Lipsticks have the capacity to communicate and impact how we feel at the time, similar to an incredible “power present” for our face. We realize how effective an extraordinary lipstick can be, however we hadn’t thought about that our lip prints could be giving more understanding into our characters and perspectives than the actual lipstick. To find out additional, we tapped lipsologist Ariana Lightningstorm. She’s been an ensured lipsologist for more than 6 years (one of just 8 on the planet!) and makes it her responsibility to understand lips, in a real sense. Subsequent to addressing her about her captivating ability we were unable to keep our own fixed—this is what you need to know.

What is Lipsology?

Lipsology is the craft of dissecting lip prints to decide character attributes and qualities. Performer Jilly Eddy created Lipsology in the wake of concentrating more than 10,000 lip prints from companions, family, and superstars. She created rules for more than 25 unique classes and 100 subcategories that assist lisologists with breaking down lip prints today. Here’s the means by which it works: Apply a liberal layer of lipstick and make a lip print on a plain white piece of paper. Rehash in any event once, applying another layer of lipstick between each print. Remember: you’re examining your lip print, not your lips, so the manner in which you make your print (the arrangement on the page and the size of your print) all add to your result. Your lip print will likewise change everyday relying upon your wellbeing, stress, or perspective when making your prints—that is all essential for the good times!

The most effective method to Analyze Your Lip Print

Given the intricacy of perusing a lip print, we prescribe going directly to a specialist—Ariana even offers memento lip print readings that make a charming blessing! Visit her site to find out additional. By the by, here are a couple of the key markers that she searches for in prints.

Shape: Triangle and jewel formed lips are normal and demonstrate that you perceive others’ qualities, help other people to succeed, and are a decent coach.

Size: The size of your lip print doesn’t really connect to the size of your lips—individuals with little lips can make huge prints and the other way around. A little print demonstrates that you’re meticulous. Medium prints are an indication that you like to remain occupied, and you shuffle numerous things in your work and individual life. Huge lip prints are an indication lip print reading that you have a ‘pull out all the stops or return home’ character.

Shading Intensity: Regardless of the shade of your lipstick, the force of your print can address your energy level. A light, or “phantom” print (as Ariana alluded to mine), implies you probably need a get-away or time to re-energize (exact). A profoundly pigmented print implies you’re ready to go!

Totality: Again, a full lip print doesn’t really associate with a full lip. A full upper and lower lip are an indication of a decent audience and communicator. As per Ariana, numerous columnists have a full upper and lower lip print. A flimsy upper lip print shows a meticulousness and a feeling of alert with cash.

Lines: Large lines through your print can show a huge change or commotion in your life: think significant life occasions like a separation or profession move.

Subsequent to getting my own lip prints read, there were a couple of key takeaways. Ariana got on a portion of my solid suits, such as being a decent audience, and having a marginally snide funny bone. She likewise pointed out some pressure and weakness that may be influencing my wellbeing. Fortunately, our lip prints are not unchangeable—so I’ll plan a smaller than usual occasion to de-push and re-energize soon. What are your lip prints advising you?