Personal Reflections on Time Management

Looking back, one can easily identify with the fact that ‘time is of the essence’. Not that, we have learned it all this way, but somehow, the understanding of its importance and possible disasters, as a result of its mismanagement, has evolved very slowly. However, now that it’s in place, people are making all the smart moves to make the most of their time. Whether in the personal, social or even professional sphere! Smart technologies, devices and online tools have helped man to realize the importance of every passing minute and how to effectively optimize every part to count on. Sound a little too serious?

How about the quote that says ‘One stitch in time, save nine’. It is equally true to date, except for the numbers and metrics, which are used to evaluate. With increasingly fierce competition, dynamic markets, and evolving social and lifestyle trends, people are trying to get hold of technologies that could save them time and put them to good use.

Consider smart devices like laptops, handhelds, digital diaries, bluetooth devices, or even PDAs. Everything is in place simply because modern man is always on the run and wants to make the best use of his time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smart devices have transformed Gen Y into tech-savvy, smart, and gadget freaks. They are always in search of tools, technologies, devices that can help them to be attentive and always at the forefront of their competitors. While this gives an impression of how time has taken over and evaded the human psyche, let’s look at the reflections of “Effective Time Management” in personal and social settings.

To get into the realities, look around you and you will see a boom in social media communities, professional networks, forums, opinion forums, blogs, information portals and there are still many more, proliferating with each passing day. These virtual spaces take little time to start using these virtual spaces, as they offer efficient time management and parallel knowledge storage and  management tools. Don’t you think it’s much faster and relatively easier to log into your favorite blog, network, or forum and post questions that you help with? And in no time, your inbox is flooded with responses from your social, virtual, and professional contacts on the web. And guess what, otherwise, you had relatively a fraction of the total time invested. Isn’t it cool?

Look further and you will find this whole new world of desktop, web and mobile applications. Apps that serve as reminders, task schedulers, trip manager, address planner, location finder, friend finder, solution provider, automated apps, network apps, shopping tools, auto bidders, album manager, quick messaging , voice-based, text-based, web-based, and more social and web applications. It is really interesting to note that the use of these applications has been growing at an exponential rate. Each time, there are applications, their improved versions and updates are available almost at the same rate. It seems that ‘Time management’ is the buzzword! Could it have been better to record and retrieve information without having to search for a piece of paper and pencil or shop smart, without a virtual web shopping list planner?