Peg Leg’s Hawaiian Offshore Adventure – June 24 – Sept 4th, 1990

Pacific 30. Pillar: 8’6″, LOA: 29’6″

Draft: 4’6″, Mast stature: 40′. Disp: 10,000 lbs.

Depiction and History of yacht:

Pacific 30, fiberglass take and deck development, sloop rig, semi full fall with a skeg hung rudder. The body and deck were laid up in Cobble Hill in 1976. My dad Peter Gann completed the inside in a stable on Old West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC “Stake Leg” was dispatched on September second, 1977 at Cattle Point. It was towed back to R.V.Y.C. by my granddad, (Jack Gann’s) boat “Seatime”.

Our story began in the Canadian Arctic in 1989 while Haydn George and I were functioning as sailors for Beaudrill on board the M.V. “Terry Fox”. After a cool watch on the deck, Haydn and I wound up in the glow of the boat’s library browsing route books as we were seeking to be sea pilots. Our conversation immediately centered around the subject of heavenly route, unlimited skylines and turquoise warm water. Sextant points, warm blue-sky unlimited skylines joined with – 40 or – 50 temperatures fuelled thoughts like cruising to the tropical islands of Hawaii (+80). The temperature and need for unlimited skylines to rehearse our divine route was all we needed at 20 years of age to concede to cruising my thirty-foot sloop “Stake Leg” to Hawaii.

The choice was made: we would leave on June 24, 1990 @1430. We set about our arranging and for the rest within recent memory in the Arctic we forced on Capt. Peter Kimberley to show us how to explore across the Pacific utilizing a plastic Davis Mark II Sextant.

For the following a half year, our arrangement included utilizing our companion’s time and our family’s cash, vehicles, homes (and rum!) to refit “Stake Leg” for our Hawaiian experience.

Day 1 – June 24, 1990 at 1400 hrs

By one way or another day 1 was out of nowhere upon us! It was a delightful warm summer day in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, and we ended up encompassed by companions, family and spectators. Haydn unfastened our lines and I passed our old buddy Rick Todd the bumpers and said “we won’t be required around evening time.” Our experience starts with grins and tears as we bid farewell and cruised out into the inlet. In contrast to the wide range of various occasions, this was not simply an evening sail. We would not re-visitation of Cadboro Bay until 74 days after the fact.

As we arrived at Race Rocks our warm Official Marlin Shop summer evening transformed into an energetic 35 bunch westerly expecting us to decrease sail to a triple-reefed primary and a 100% jib. Haydn and I chose to cruise into the lee of Bentick Island to get ready “Stake” for the night sail to Cape Flattery. Here we stowed away the wine bottles, cards, stew, treats and blossoms from my old buddies Mugs and Peter Townshend and other friends and family. Indeed, the boat was prepared, reefed down, stowage complete! Haydn chose to go beneath to refresh the log as we accused through Race Passage of the ebb tide and westerly. While down in the lodge, Haydn chose to make his first supper. His aim was to set up a jar of something warm prior to night dusk. Extraordinary thought, in any case, among cooking, and refreshing the log, he dispatched himself through the companionway to hurl everywhere on the lee material in the cockpit. We were looking unpleasant so far. Subsequent to cruising 4 miles through Race Passage, Haydn was debilitated in the mass for the remainder of the night, leaving me to appreciate the primary chilly, wet beat to Flattery alone.